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The Accrapak Series 750 strand pelletisers are available in four models to cover wide-ranging production pelletising requirements. Of robust construction, these machines will withstand the most rigorous demands of plastics compounders. An efficient cutting action enables high pellet outputs to be achieved when processing various thermoplastics materials including abrasive glass and mineral-filled plastics.

Burtonwood Industrial Estate, Burtonwood, Warrington, Cheshire, England, WA5 4HX
Tel: 01925 222926
Fax: 01925 220137

The Accrapak Series 750 Integral strand pelletiser units comprise a strand cooling bath, strand dryer and pelletiser mounted on a common base. The unit base is castor mounted for equipment mobility and is equipped with jacking screws.

The 900 Series production strand pelletiser machines offer easy no-tool access to the cutting chamber for cleaning and maintenance. An overhung rotor design allows thorough cleandown of the chamber components, enabling rapid process changeover when colour or polymer grade changes are required. Replacement of upper and lower feed rolls can be achieved without removal of bearings.

The Accrapak BM15 is a bench mounting facility for the pelletising of thermoplastic materials in laboratory applications. The compact unit has a 15mm feed width and is equipped with a variable speed drive to cater for varying feed rates of laboratory extrusion.
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